Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pwning 2.0 iPod Touch & iPhone/3G Guide

First off Pwnage 2.0 was released around 23 hours ago and since this morning I've been working on getting it to work. Some people have had success with it right after downloading it, others have had a lot of trouble. This is a guide for those who have had trouble, or are new to pwnage and need help getting through. I'm on a Macbook 2.4GHz, 2GB of RAM and 250GB HDD. I have an brand new U.S. assembled iPod touch (which replaced my old one yesterday), which is now newly pwned on firmware version 2.0. I used only my Macbook to pwn it, and have constructed a guide that is guaranteed to work on a Macbook with an iPod touch. And should work on any other mac, and an iPhone or iPhone 3G. I've gone through these exact steps many times, and have included any other problems that may occur so you can solve them with ease.

Here we go.

0.First off let's download pwnage version 2.0 (if you have trouble with 2.0.1, it should work too). Choose one of the mirrors below:

1. Try opening pwnage, if it works the first time great, if it doesn't try each of these side steps. Usually it will bounce in the dock continually, and eventually stop. But it will be completely unresponsive. 

1a. Open activity monitor (search it in spotlight). 

1a. Select all processes

1a. Type in the search bar "ps" and force quit it. 

If pwnage doesn't immediately open, try the next step. 

1b. Save all of your stuff (whatever your doing) and shutdown. Not restart. Hold the power button and when you hear the tone (not before) hold the shift button. Release it when you see the Apple icon and spin wheel. 

1b. Try opening pwnage, if the same problem persists repeat step 1a. while your in safe mode. 

1c. If that still doesn't work search google for answers, if it does work continue to step 2. 

2. Now that you have actually open pwnage 2.0 lets use it. To start off, make sure you have firmware version 2.0 on your device. I found restoring it helpful, you don't really have to though. 

2a. Go through the normal steps of Pwnage 2.0 if you can get all the way through, great. If you can't and you get an error message, or somethings not working try all of these sub-steps, until you get it working. 

2b. If this screen pops up after you've clearly followed all of the steps correctly, it usually doesn't even give you a chance to put your device in DFU mode. Follow the next step/s. 

2ba. Unfortunately you've reached a step I struggled with a lot. Now, what you have to do is put your device into DFU mode prior to even starting Pwnage 2.0. First off, close iTunes and Pwnage. If your device has the connect to iTunes screen restore it completely. Afterwards go to this link and put your device into a proper DFU mode, you won't even have anything on your device's screen, thats how you know it worked). 


2bb. Now that your device is in DFU mode, go through all of the steps of pwnage after doing whatever you need to open it. Keep your device disconnected until you get to your Once you have pwnage open, go through all the steps until you get to this exact screen, it is imperative you stop at this screen. 

2bc. Now connect your device and click "No" you will finally get to the next step. After that you should be able to finish on your own. If you can't please comment below, and I'll try to get back to you. Please click on the google ads at the bottom so I can keep this blog alive. This took me a long time to create and figure out tell me if it helped you. 

Here's one of the first (mine) jailbroken 2.0 iPod touches pwned from a Macbook!


Anonymous said...

thats so cool that you took the time and made these steps and now i wont have to struggle. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I get it in the DFU mode prior to running the program, but pwnage stil askes me to shut off the iphone. Any help would be great. please email to

Anonymous said...

Hi, .. Ok I did all of the steps.. and it work great ... until! ... the end.. ok, when i closed pwning, the DFU was successful, then Itunes showed up and ask me to restore my Iphone?? no window pop up! for me to choose the forder (ipsw) I created with pwning?? the phone is not working, should i restore it with itunes again? what can I do? please help! thanks. please email;