Saturday, July 19, 2008

Top Applications Part 3



This application is the perfect pocket dictionary. Luckily for iPod touch users you don't need Wi-Fi to use this application to it's full potential. It delivers your definition in impressive time for an application that has a 12 megabyte data library. Each definition offers about a page or so of text, giving you good understanding of the word. Download it now for free on the app store.



This application was useful for the most part. It allows you to search Amazon for different
products. However it was not always consistent. When I searched on the US store it continuous-
ly gave me listings that were in chinese. But out of all the applications that were offered in this
category either this or google was the best. (I'm not including Social Networking because the
best application in that category depends on which network you are apart of).


Sports Tap

This is simply the only application that can keep up with a major sports fan. With an
absolutely huge array of sports from MLB to MLS, this will keep you constantly updated for
no cost whatsoever. It's user interface is very nice allowing you to navigate through this large
application seamlessly. Download it now from the app store.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Top Applications Part 2



This is likely the most addicting and enjoyable game app you have to pay for. It doesn't get old nearly as fast as the racing games. And you'll love the app even if you don't enjoy puzzles. The graphics are beyond anything I've seen on the iPod touch or iPhone, and is still no problem for the processor of your device. If you don't enjoy this I would have to recommend Super Monkey Ball. 

                            Pandora Radio
This may be one of my top 3 favorite apps. This application delivers you with the music like without you having to lift a finger. It uses an advanced matching system that finds songs or artists that have some sort of relation to the songs and artists you know and enjoy. You create different stations by simply entering the name of a song or artist you enjoy listening to, and within seconds your listening related music you're guaranteed to love. Get it for free from the app store. Highly recommended. 



To be honest the news applications that are offered aren't as good as they could have be. But Jamd's UI stood out like a swore thumb. This application really allows you to view all of the latest pictures and read all of the latest stories, in a simple and fun way. Try it out for yourself free of charge, download it from the app store now. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top Applications Part 1


                    Mocha VNC Lite                      
This application allows you to very easily access and control your PC or Macs screen with a few easy steps. One of the greatest things about this application is that you don't need to pay for any service or download any set up tools for your computer. This is great if you don't bring your laptop or you have a desktop and you don't have a file with you. I do find this to be more of a utility app than business. You can find this on the app store and download it for free.


This one of the very few (I believe two) applications that Apple has created for its app store. Now this application allows you to remotely control the iTunes library on your computer from your iPod touch or iPhone. This app is great if your too lazy to get off your ass to press a few buttons. But I was very disappointed to find that you can't stream your iTunes library to your device. Which would let you watch/listen to media that wasn't on your iPod or iPhone. Because otherwise it's just replacing your apple remote with something that lights up and you payed $300 bucks for. 


Tap Tap Revenge

This application features a Guitar Hero style game where you tap out the beats of a song as they come at you. This is the predecessor of Tap Tap Revolution which I was playing from the day it was uploaded on installer. This application blows it away with a more reliable menu navigation, higher end graphics, and new features using the accelerometer. This is the best free game out of them all by far. I'm going to continue posting top applications in sets of threes, for (if my schedule persists) the next few days. 

Edit: Just today, Friday, July 18th, Tapulous released Tap Tap Revenge 1.1 now allowing you to download extra tracks. Still no iTunes library support.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Pwnage 2.0 Release Date?

A few hours ago the developer team posted a link on their blog. A mysterious countdown with 13 digits. With what looks like an edited painting of "the last supper." You would immediately assume that at the end of this countdown they dev-team would release the highly anticipated Pwnage 2.0 update, allowing users on both iPod touch and iPhone running either firmware 1.1.4 or 2.0 to jailbreak their device, and be "free" once again. But of course the developer team leaves another mystery, the countdown is a negative number and the number is rising (creating a larger negative number) what I just noticed (it took me a while because I neither studied the painting nor do I study any religion) there are of course 13 digits, 13 people at the table, and at the head of the total number there is a 12 which might make you assume that it's counting up to 13. Now if you read the comments on the blog people continually refer to 6 PM. Wednesday. On a completely separate note this could be some weird coincidence but this afternoon I saw this picture, then watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the current time of this writing is 3:00 AM, (if you've seen the movie you'd know why I'm a little freaked out). Anyway, I do not know how people to the conclusion of 6:00 PM Wednesday afternoon but the dev team did say that they would release it sometime this week. If I hear anything at all I'll inform you all immediately. That's all for now.

The Number