Saturday, July 19, 2008

Top Applications Part 3



This application is the perfect pocket dictionary. Luckily for iPod touch users you don't need Wi-Fi to use this application to it's full potential. It delivers your definition in impressive time for an application that has a 12 megabyte data library. Each definition offers about a page or so of text, giving you good understanding of the word. Download it now for free on the app store.



This application was useful for the most part. It allows you to search Amazon for different
products. However it was not always consistent. When I searched on the US store it continuous-
ly gave me listings that were in chinese. But out of all the applications that were offered in this
category either this or google was the best. (I'm not including Social Networking because the
best application in that category depends on which network you are apart of).


Sports Tap

This is simply the only application that can keep up with a major sports fan. With an
absolutely huge array of sports from MLB to MLS, this will keep you constantly updated for
no cost whatsoever. It's user interface is very nice allowing you to navigate through this large
application seamlessly. Download it now from the app store.

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