Monday, July 14, 2008

Pwnage 2.0 Release Date?

A few hours ago the developer team posted a link on their blog. A mysterious countdown with 13 digits. With what looks like an edited painting of "the last supper." You would immediately assume that at the end of this countdown they dev-team would release the highly anticipated Pwnage 2.0 update, allowing users on both iPod touch and iPhone running either firmware 1.1.4 or 2.0 to jailbreak their device, and be "free" once again. But of course the developer team leaves another mystery, the countdown is a negative number and the number is rising (creating a larger negative number) what I just noticed (it took me a while because I neither studied the painting nor do I study any religion) there are of course 13 digits, 13 people at the table, and at the head of the total number there is a 12 which might make you assume that it's counting up to 13. Now if you read the comments on the blog people continually refer to 6 PM. Wednesday. On a completely separate note this could be some weird coincidence but this afternoon I saw this picture, then watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the current time of this writing is 3:00 AM, (if you've seen the movie you'd know why I'm a little freaked out). Anyway, I do not know how people to the conclusion of 6:00 PM Wednesday afternoon but the dev team did say that they would release it sometime this week. If I hear anything at all I'll inform you all immediately. That's all for now.

The Number

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