Friday, July 18, 2008

Top Applications Part 2



This is likely the most addicting and enjoyable game app you have to pay for. It doesn't get old nearly as fast as the racing games. And you'll love the app even if you don't enjoy puzzles. The graphics are beyond anything I've seen on the iPod touch or iPhone, and is still no problem for the processor of your device. If you don't enjoy this I would have to recommend Super Monkey Ball. 

                            Pandora Radio
This may be one of my top 3 favorite apps. This application delivers you with the music like without you having to lift a finger. It uses an advanced matching system that finds songs or artists that have some sort of relation to the songs and artists you know and enjoy. You create different stations by simply entering the name of a song or artist you enjoy listening to, and within seconds your listening related music you're guaranteed to love. Get it for free from the app store. Highly recommended. 



To be honest the news applications that are offered aren't as good as they could have be. But Jamd's UI stood out like a swore thumb. This application really allows you to view all of the latest pictures and read all of the latest stories, in a simple and fun way. Try it out for yourself free of charge, download it from the app store now. 


Anonymous said...

awesome review joe :D

Anonymous said...

can u get these apps on any ipod or just the touch?

Monstermac77 said...

All of these applications are strictly available for the iPod touch and iPhone. There are a few apps that they might have in common. I believe Texas Holdem is one of them.

Anonymous said...

darn i reallly need to get an ipod touch